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Explore what it takes to become a member of the African Violet Society

The Seattle African Violet Society usually meets the third Saturday of each month from September to June, at 11am. Our meeting location is posted in our newsletter but most often is the Greenwood Branch of the Seattle Public Library.

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Membership Information

Learn about what it takes to become a member and what benefits are evolved in the process.


  • whatshotRaffle

    Meetings are fun, educational, and a good opportunity to learn and share knowledge of successfully growing African Violets and other Gesneriads. Participation is at your discretion, no member is forced to participate beyond their comfort level. Prepare to have fun and meet people that share a common interest.

  • free_breakfastProject Plants

    Every year the club participates in a project plant experiment. Members are encouraged to purchase a plant(s) selected by the show committee at a nominal price. The purpose of this experiment is to see how well you can grow the plant(s) using your very own special techniques. The selected project plants may be standard, semi-miniature, miniature or other gesneriad plants. Members are required to bring the blooming or non-blooming plant(s) to the annual show for display and are judged in a special section of the show.

  • library_booksLibrary

    Only members in good standing may borrow from the SAVS library, using the established system. Books may be checked out in one general meeting and must be returned by the next general meeting. When the book(s) are due, one renewal may be made by notifying the librarian at the monthly meeting or by telephone or e-mail. An overdue charge of $.25 will be assessed for each month the book is past due. The Board may levy charges for excessive damage to any borrowed items. The librarian may contact members for any overdue items if necessary but is not obligated to remind members to return borrowed items to avoid fines. In case of controversy or dispute, the matter will be taken up by the Board members at their next scheduled meeting.

  • monetization_onSupplies

    Purchase of plants and supplies from the Ways and Means Table is open to all members. Members should contact the Ways and Means Table chair prior to the meeting with their purchase requests, so that the chair can bring the items to the meeting. Members can also purchase at the monthly meeting. Items include everything from club soil to fertilizer.

  • gavelContests

    We are a horticultural club, so having plants at meetings is important.

    At each meeting there is a Blossom Contest. Members are encouraged to bring in plants or flower stems to be sorted into one of four categories: Blossom of the Month, Open Violets, Gesneriads, and Photographs.

    The Blossom of the Month is a randomly chosen type of flower or color; for example: in March, we may have a green or green edged flower as the Blossom of the Month.

    Open Violets are all other African violets that are not the Blossom of the Month.

    Gesneriads are open to all blooming or non-blooming gesneriad plants.

    Photographs are open to prints of flowering African violets.

    Participating members sign their plants in. At the snack break in the meeting, members come and vote on their favorite in each of the four categories.

  • camera_rollShow and Tell

    Show and Tell is a time during the meeting when a member can share any unique African violet, gesneriad or other plant.

    If your plant is in need of special care, the plant professionals present can help give you special tips or suggestions on how to care for the plant.

  • weekendPrograms

    Every month we have a business meeting and a program. The programs are designed for any skill level in hopes everyone will learn. Some of the previous programs have been about lighting, watering and hybridizing.


Membership is open to all those who are interested in African violets. Club dues are payable by June 30th of each year to our membership chair below.

SAVS Membership Chair: 

  • Bob Clark
  • 1122 East Pike Street, PMB 637
  • Seattle, WA 98122-3916

Membership Dues: $10.00 Individual/ $15.00 Family

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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions are great and we strongly encourage them. Here is a quick list of the most common ones that are frequently asked.


Why should I come to a meeting?

Meetings are fun, educational, and a good opportunity to learn and share knowledge of successfully growing African violets and other Gesneriads. Participation is at your discretion. No member is forced to participate beyond their comfort level. Prepare to have fun and meet people that share a common interest.

Can I come to a meeting if I did not pay the membership?

Yes! We encourage you to come to a few meetings before joining, so that you have the opportunity to get to know us a bit better and see if the club meets your expectations. We limit participation in raffles, door prizes, and purchasing supplies or auction items to members only.

If I sign up to bring Door Prizes, how many do I bring?

Bringing door prizes is voluntary. You are only expected to bring door prizes if you have signed up to bring them that month. There is no limit to how many door prizes you can bring. It is up to your discretion. Typically members bring in a minimum of three. Door prizes are chosen by raffle at the monthly meeting. You must be a member and be present to win. All raffle money goes into club treasury.

Do we ever have a meeting where members bring plants and leaves for sale or trade to other members?

Members can bring plants for sale or trade. We have an auction at every meeting. You set the price, members bid and the highest bid wins. The money from this auction goes to the club. Typically African violets, Streptocarpus and other gesneriads are brought, but you can bring other types of plants or small non-plant items. You can also bring plants to donate to the Ways and Means table. Members can purchase the plant and the money goes back to the club treasury. It is member's responsibility to dispose of any item that is not bid on or sold at the Ways and Means table.

Do we ever have "open houses", where the group visits other members' homes to see their plants and gardens?

Activities and Programs for the club are always evolving and input for activities and program ideas are welcome from all members. We have had excursions to outside gardens of interest, both public and private. Membership meetings generally take place in a public venue, but on the rare occasion, we have met at individual members' homes.